One year in and what have we learnt?

One year in and what have we learnt? | Clan Dog
One year in and what have we learnt? | Clan Dog

One year in and what have we learnt?

Clan Dog is year old! Wow! It’s been a journey. 

Born out of the pandemic by one dog trainer and one dog photographer putting their heads together to come up with a ‘better’ way to do dog training we’ve learnt a lot about the best way to help people.

Something Allan our head trainer always knew is that although he gets the title ‘dog trainer’ he’s not really the one training your dog, you are. While he could visit people on a 1-2-1 basis and give them a load of information in one go to help them solve their problems he wasn’t really able to offer them a lot of ongoing support which is the gap that needed filling.

Training a dog is an ongoing process, its based in trust and bond building and it doesn’t happen overnight. There will be both good and bad days along the way and having support and regular advice can make all the difference. It’s also blooming hard to take in everything you need to know in a two and a half hour session, having video resources available to look back on when you need can be invaluable.

So this is the gap we have plugged with Clan Dog. It’s the same core advice and techniques but it’s on demand. Not only that after tweaking our membership format a few times we’ve landed on a weekly zoom Q+A that can offer you personal support specific to your dog when you need it. Because just like us they are individuals.

We’ve also sorted a system that records, transcribes and makes all the videos, Q+As and live events we do totally searchable. Word for Word! So it’s a bit like having a huge database of dog training knowledge at your fingertips. You can watch a training video and then head off to search for any real life Q+A around the subject for extra learning and understanding. Bonus!!

Next up is community – it’s probably THE most important factor in a lot of peoples success. If 2020 has taught us one thing it’s that we are better together. Sticking together and working in the same direction. Cutting out the noise and bouncing off people on the same journey, using the same core principles is MASSIVE when it comes to long term success. With this in mind, we’ve moved our primary community space off Facebook too. WHAT?? Are we mad? A lot of people may think so but here’s the thing. Yes Facebook is big, yes a Facebook group is the normal way to get people together in the online space but we wanted better. We don’t want you to have to fight with advertising, other groups and algorithms that organise to suit the platform to get the support you need. We wanted you to be able to access direct advice, link up with other members and have safe space just for your dog training. 

And the final thing we can now say after a year of boring old business facts and figures under our belt?? It’s CHEAPER!! Our average Clan Dog customer spends around £140 with us. A 121 consult with our head trainer Allan costs £160. So you get a hell of a lot more for less. If that’s not a good reason to join us online then I don’t know what is. 

So what’s next for the Clan? With the launch of our all new website and app that provides so much more user friendly way to get the information you need, (because yes this makes a HUGE difference too. If it’s easy to use human nature means we are more likely to use it) we are ready to help more people with their dogs in our second year and who knows – maybe we have even more up our sleeve…!!

Here’s to year 2 on this journey of ours and a huge thanks to the 300 paid members we have helped and the nearly 2000 who have used our free resources and course to get a helping hand too!

Look forward to meeting you and your dogs sometime

Allan and Cat at Clan Dog.

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  1. hi alan /cat what should i do when Noa barks in the garden when some one goes by ,do i bring him in to the house and how long for before he gets back out side . he is not left on his own in the garden even though it is fenced and secure ,if i leave him in the house on his own he will continue to bark, any advice would be welcome .
    thanks maggi.