get your foundations right

Leadership skills for people who live with dogs

Leadership skills

What does your dog see when they look at you?

A loving provider? A grumpy boss spoiling their fun?

You can’t build a house without foundations. You wouldn’t even try! If you want to have a well trained dog, help them with their behaviour problems and live in harmony then you need to setup the right relationship. That relationship is your foundation for everything else.

This is the cornerstone of Clan Dog, it’s the vital piece of the puzzle that our head trainer Allan has been teaching to thousands of private clients with huge success for years. Now available online via this challenge.

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Have you have been struggling with your dogs training up to now? Tried lots of things but it’s just not quite clicked? Or just keen to get started on the right paw?

The information inside this challenge is probably the bit you have been missing. It’s not that you’ve been getting the training part wrong or your dog is ‘untrainable’ – your dog just hasn’t yet recognised you as their leader. They love you, that won’t change but we need them to look up to you and wait for your decisions too.

The best news is that this part really is pretty simple, get it right and the rest will start to fall in to place.

Become the good, kind, fair, calm and confident leader your dog needs.

1 Months Membership included

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  • Video Lessons
  • Supporting materials
  • Downloads
  • BONUS ADDED - Body Language Presentation

All at home

You spend most of your time with your dog at home. It's where the errors start and the biggest changes can be made.

Building the foundations

We help you build the right relationship and make sure your dog looks at you as their kind, fair and loving leader.

In your own time

No pressured timescales or deadlines to meet, just commitment from you to the process to make it work.

Force free

No punishments involved - just some ground rules and boundaries for your dog to follow.

Why Leadership?

Dog’s respect, follow and love leaders. Not tyrants, not people who dominate or hurt them. Leaders. When the all important recall comes, the one that may, no exaggeration, save their life – does your dog see you as that leader they will follow anywhere or not?

how does it work?

What's inside the course?

Short Video lessons

Videos within the lessons are short, easy to understand and demonstrate techniques

Supporting Materials

Text and downloads to help back up and explain the video lessons


Easy exercises to get involved in and help with understanding and motivation


Most frequent questions and answers

Every person and every dog is different. So the amount of time it takes to see results will vary but you shouldn’t have any problems putting everything in place in under a week.

Most people who follow and implement what’s in this challenge see success almost straight away and longer term are able to build on this foundation to really improve their relationship with their dog.

Yes pretty much!

The knowledge, techniques and methods in this challenge are exactly what Head Trainer Allan has been delivering on 121 consultations for years.

This challenge is the first 70% of 99% of Allan’s 121 sessions.

This challenge isn’t about fixing any particular behaviour problem. It won’t magically teach your dog to recall or give them confidence if they are reactive for example.

What it will do is set you up with the right relationship to allow you to make all the rest of that happen so so much easier. 

Every building starts with foundations – same with your dog training. Relationship first.

This challenge is Stage 1 of the Clan Dog training journey. After this challenge you can choose to join Clan Dog as a member and continue on your training journey with us – we’d love to have you along with the support of our training materials, weekly live Q+As and community. 

Or Not – it’s up to you. You might find you are ready to go it alone after this challenge and that’s great, we are always here if you need us in the future.

Meet your trainer

Allan Ritchie

Allan has been working with dogs for 40 years. Learning his trade as a military dog handler, then having his own dog training school he now helps the other end of the lead, you! Because when it comes to your family dog, you are the dog trainer – not us!

This challenge has been designed to bring the core of all his 1-2-1 consultations to as many people as possible.

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