Raise a happy, confident, well behaved and go anywhere dog

with the Puppyhood course by Clan Dog

Raise a puppy well

Getting it right from day one

Do you know the right way to build a kind, caring and loving relationship with your Puppy? Do you want them to grow into a confident, happy and go anywhere dog, the proud addition to your family we all want?


Simple, Effective Online n°1 Edinburgh Dog Training | Clan Dog

We teach you raise a puppy

How to raise a puppy? | Getting it right from D1 | Clan Dog

The principles of Puppyhood

The Key things that effect everything else you do with your puppy. Get these right and set yourself up for success.

How to raise a puppy? | Getting it right from D1 | Clan Dog

Preparation and early days

Get prepared for your new arrival and start off on the right paw as soon as your puppy arrives home.

How to raise a puppy? | Getting it right from D1 | Clan Dog

Early Training

How to teach the basic commands and build the foundations of a happy, well behaved dog

Learn with Elvis

Throughout this course you will meet Elvis the Border Terrier Puppy and follow him through his first ten weeks of life at home.

At 4 months old Elvis is – 

  • Confident and sociable off lead
  • has excellent recall
  • is friendly with people
  • can go anywhere his family 
Simple, Effective Online n°1 Edinburgh Dog Training | Clan Dog

What's covered in the course

  • Puppy Prep and getting them home
  • Crate Training
  • Toilet Training
  • Mouthing and Biting
  • Puppies and Kids
  • First Walk
  • Socialisation and meeting other dogs
  • Early Training 
  • And more…

With these amazing bonus videos

  • Your Puppies first year in health covered by Vet Ricardo, diet, exercise, vaccinations and worming.
  • Spencer the Cockapoos first outdoor training session to watch
  • Poppy’s full welcome home session
  • The chance to get your money back on this course when you continue your training with Clan Dog

Clan Dog's Values

We believe a well trained dog gets a better life.

They are able to have time off lead to be a dog, there is less stress in their life because they trust and follow their human – life is better for both of you when you have a loving and trusting releationship.

We never use aversive training methods such as e-collars or physically harm dogs in any way. We believe that dogs do need boundaries however, our philosophy is to teach humans to become their dogs kind, fair and loving leader.

Humans we are here to help you understand your dog and start to work together and not against each other.

The Team Behind Puppyhood

Allan + Otto

Edinburgh Dog Trainer | Dog 1-2-1 Consult | Clan Dog

Clan Dog’s head trainer Allan has been working with dog’s for over 40 years. He will be your main guide through Puppyhood, helping you with instructional videos and demonstrations alongside his best mate Otto the Labrador.


Most frequent questions and answers


  • Welcome to the course and virtual tour
  • Meet the team behind Clan Dog

Principles of Puppyhood

  • Getting to know your Puppy
  • Becoming the manager
  • Realistic Expectations

Preparation and Early Days

  • Equipment and crate set up
  • The journey home
  • The first 24 hours
  • Toilet training
  • Mouthing and biting
  • Puppies and kids
  • Socialisation
  • Commands to train

First walk and early training

  • Reverse Training
  • How to reward your puppy
  • How to meet other dogs
  • Puppies first walk
  • Typical park situation – don’t panic
  • Quartering – why?
  • Quartering demo
  • Steady exercise

You will also get these 4 great bonuses with the course

  • Additional video – The foundations of good recall training
  • Puppy Health – Veterinary advice from Long Live the Dog covering all you need to know about how to care for your Puppies health needs.
  • Poppys first at home session – complete video of Allan going over the principles of Puppyhood with 9 week old Poppy at home.
  • Spencers first outdoor training session – complete video of 14 week old Spencers first Outdoor training session with our Head Trainer Allan.

The course is delivered primarily via short video lessons and also has accompanying infographics and written instructions to support the videos where appropriate. 

Video lessons last from 5 to 15 minutes, with some longer demonstrations of things like the first walk and videos of two complete Puppy training sessions.

The whole course is designed to be simple and easy to use and the main content and learning elements can be watched over less than 4 hours. 

The amount of training you put in with your Puppy is up to you. The more time you are able to dedicate to them the quicker they will progress.

In the very early days you should be looking to spend as much time with your Puppy as you can manage. Getting to know them and bonding. Remember that all interactions you have with a young dog are some form of training but around 1 hour a day spread out into small chunks will be enough for ‘dedicated’ training in the early days.

As your Puppy grows it’s better to think of how you are with your dog as just something you do, working fun training exercises into your normal walks and lifestyle together rather than a set amount of time set aside each day for ‘training’.

You don't get this time back

From when you bring your Puppy home until they are 16 weeks old is a crucial time in their development and it’s your window to set your relationship with them up in the right way. 

Learn how to become your Puppies kind, fair and loving leader so they look to you for guidance and support. Help them be confident and well rounded by leading from the front.

Simple, Effective Online n°1 Edinburgh Dog Training | Clan Dog
“This is our first dog and I was definitely feeling overwhelmed (and under prepared!) so I’m glad I took this course!
Allan is so calm, concise and obviously very knowledgeable. I learnt so much from this course and can’t wait to put it in action.
Watching Training Elvis really helped too and made me feel a lot more comfortable now I’m starting to put it in to practice.
Thank you so much for putting this course together”

Jenny and Ellie

First time dog lover

Why purchase Puppyhood?

The first few months at home with your Puppy and their initial interactions with the world can either set them up to be a happy, sociable, willing go anywhere dog or make life training and living with your dog really challenging as they grow and develop.

Puppyhood by Clan Dog will give you simple and easy ways to make sure you get things right from day one, building a strong bond with your Puppy and helping them grow into a member of your family you are proud and happy to take anywhere.

Lifetime Access

£ 69
  • Principles of Puppyhood
  • Prep and early days
  • First walk and early training
  • 1 month's membership
  • Bonus - Additional recall training video
  • Bonus - Your Puppies first year in health
  • Bonus - Two full length Puppy training sessions recorded and included