Whatever your struggle with your dog's behaviour, we are here to help with our online solutions


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Quick and easy daily lessons to help start your dog on the journey to becoming well trained

Leadership skills | People who live with dogs | Clan Dog

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What does it take to gain your dogs respect? Do you need them to start listening to you? Quick course

How to raise a puppy? | Getting it right from D1 | Clan Dog

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Want to know how to start your new furry friend on the right path to becoming a well trained dog?

Dog Recall Made Easy | N°1 Edinburgh Dog Trainer | Clan Dog

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Would you like your dog to return to you first time every time no matter the distraction?

Best help for Fearful Dog | N°1 Dog Training | Clan Dog

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This program is here to help you to help your dog deal with their fear issues and enjoy life again. Stops irrational barking at other dogs!

Simple, Effective Online n°1 Edinburgh Dog Training | Clan Dog

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Pulling on lead, no recall or 'that dog' running up to every other dog in the park and joining their walks? Not anymore!

The right dog training course | Clan Dog | Edinburgh Dog Trainer

What solution is right for my dog and me?

Whatever your struggle with yout dog behaviour, we are here to help with our online solutions​

We believe in keeping things pretty simple here at Clan Dog and treating every dog and their human like the individual they are. 

That’s why our main ‘solutions’ come with a block of membership which brings support, guidance, community and access to all of the content we offer. Because success with solving any dog behaviour problem comes from knowing your own dog and choosing the things that work best for them. 

Check the drop downs below to choose the right starting point for you.

If you have been given or feel that the label ‘reactive’ applies to your dog then the first bit of good news is that it’s just a label not a life sentence.

Your dog is either fearful of the environment around it in some way OR just badly equipped to deal with it through lack of understanding, overexcitement or lack of any real training so far.

Good news – we got your back. Bad news – it’s not a ‘quick fix’ so that’s why you need to jump on board with us for a block of membership. We’ll get to know you and your dog and you’ll get access to everything you need to help you. Hit the button below – let’s do this thing.

If you are waiting to get your new bundle of joy or they have been home less than a month then jump into our Puppyhood course. It’s a purely online course to get you off on the right paw and prevent problems before they even start.

If you like the way we do things then you can carry on learning about dogs and in particular your own dog with our support with an invitation to join the Clan at the end of the course (you will even get your money back on the course if you do so)

Had Puppy home for longer than a month and things getting away from your bit? Hit the button below – let’s do this thing!

You don’t want to be that person at the park shouting your dogs name while they gleefully ignore you and annoy all the other dogs? Yes – we love your attitude!

You’d like to let your dog off lead where it’s safe to do so and let them have some time to be a dog and relax? Yes – your dog deserves the best. Fed up of playing pull me push you with your dog whenever they are on lead? Because lets face it neither of you are having fun? Boom – good decision.

Bad news you’ve (probably) got a bit of work to do but good news is you are not alone and you CAN do it. We’ve got your back. Hit the button below and let’s get started.

Fair enough, waking up next to a big mistake the next morning is never pleasant! You can sign up to our free course 10 days to better dog training to see the cut of our jib. Get to know us a little better and see if the way we do things is for you. 

If you feel you need some help but the membership options are a little out of reach or you’d rather not commit just now then we’ve created the Leadership Challenge just for you.

If you are going to do one thing to help yourself out of your dog training pickle then do this – we’ve made it as financially accessible as we can and we know it works.

Go get stuck in.

Don’t panic! We’ve all been here with something at some point in our lives.

Things have got too much and having the dog around has become a real problem. Are they fearful, overexcited or just plain bonkers? You just don’t know!

Can’t see the wood for the trees and you just want someone to give you a clear path out that’s totally personal and just for you.

Book a 1-2-1 either online or in person depending on your location or personal preference and lets have a chat about it!